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5 to thrive [a free challenge!]

5 days to reclaim traction + vitality

The roadmap back to your skinny jeans starts by experiencing metabolic flexibility [switching from using sugar to fat as fuel] by using specific foods, patterns and timing to clear the lines of communication - enabling your body to use fuel instead of store it.


You’re not alone in secretly wondering if your metabolism is in fact broken. And to that I say “phew!” Thank heavens you’re mortal and not a lifeless robot!


As a mortal, it is impossible to “break” a metabolism. Instead, woven into your magical biochemistry is the capacity to become attuned to the intricacies of hormonal fluctuations, the needs of deep nourishment and what it is like to marinate in deep soulful joy. 

your magical metabolism

day one • prioritize protein  

day one toolkit

power up on protein

The simplest way to add protein to your day is by making sure every recipe you make and every dish you order has protein in it. I have curated a cheat sheet of powerhouse protein sources that are easy to grab and go.


How does the prioritization of protein feel? 

What is a simple “aha” protein addition you’d be willing to try again tomorrow? 

And most importantly, how does the consumption of protein first at every meal and snack impact your mood, anxiety, energy and sugar cravings? 

The expectation today [and always] is not perfection. The expectation is practice. This is all about habit rehearsal paired with repetition. When it comes to the biochemistry of your body, you don’t need to do anything drastic to see dramatic change.


Instead, quite the opposite! 


The body’s love language is the consistent persistence of repeated habits performed daily. And when the habit you choose gives the body information it understands… well that is when we see geeky magic manifest itself in that gorgeous body of yours.

Protein happens to be information your body laps up with pure elation. So keep on flexing that protein prowess with confidence.

Now kick back and relax, we dive into day two tomorrow - the reignition of resilient energy. 🔥 

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