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5 to thrive [a free challenge!]

5 days to reclaim traction + vitality

hello again!

Our challenge officially begins tomorrow.

Before then, I have some playful ways to prepare so that you feel like you already have some momentum before day 1. 


Playful challenge prepwork [all are optional - none are cumbersome]: 

  1. Start by watching the 5 min tutorial on the Simply Nourished Method. 

  2. Write down the top three things that are feeling good in your body - you heard me! It’s easy to think of what you want to fix but it turns out we engage in new habits more readily when we have a mindset of gratitude. 

  3. Now identify one [yes, only one!] thing you feel in your body you would like to track daily during this challenge - it could be your energy levels, your belly health, your sleep, or ________ [fill in the blank]. I will be nudging you on the daily to check in on this during our time together. 

  4. If you haven’t already tuned in to the quick review of the Simply Nourished Method, for some context on the thoughtful architecture of this challenge to tee you up for tremendous success, you should do that now. 


the Simply Nourished method


want more?


Pop on over to my marketplace where you’ll find tiny tutorials dedicated to targeted topics you care about most -  each tutorial breaks down a topic and spoon-feeds you a few things to start practicing right away. Consider this a personalized deep dive. 

Ok now hang tight. Our challenge begins tomorrow. All you have to do is check your email daily and follow along with a sense of [non-urgent] curiosity. 


You will be delighted by the simplicity, grace and ease in which we navigate each and every day.  

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