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  • How do I start working with you?
    There is nothing you need to do, “unlearn” or embrace before working with us. Once you are under our care, you can expect decisions to be made for you and allow a wave of confidence roll over you are you no longer “swim” in the sea of choices on your plate and in your lifestyle. Simply click here to book your discovery call with either Ellie or Emily and from there you will be led step-by-step toward your wellness goals.
  • I'm not in the Denver area. Can we still work together?
    Yes, absolutely! Our private mentoring options + group coaching classes + meal plans are all available no matter where you live. In-person speaking + hands on education sessions are available upon request [yes, we travel].
  • Who do you primarily work with?
    While we delight in working with anyone craving functional nutrition and lifestyle design, we specialize in the following conditions: digestive issues steady/persistent weight gain [especially as it relates to hormone imbalance] hot flashes sugar cravings + food addiction anxiety + depression mood swings PMS hormone imbalance sleeplessness sluggish athletic performance Because on the other side of all of this is… seamless digestion sustainable weight loss fat adaptation fat adapted sports performance nourishing + balanced meals gentle daily cleansing crystal clear mental clarity freedom from food addiction confidence in your body/food choices vibrancy from cell to soul
  • What does it mean to be Simply Nourished?
    It means freedom. Freedom from monotonously counting calories- shifting the focus toward what COUNTS. The truth is, this intoxicating way of living can’t be bought conventionally. It’s a way of living that’s yours for life once you discover it.
  • I know quite a bit about nutrition and don’t want to start from the beginning. Are we still a good match?
    Coming to us with the majority of the “puzzle pieces” already in your hands is a fabulous place to be. We’ll take you from intermediate to advanced by linking up the RIGHT pieces and helping your simplify + streamline your daily protocol. We’ll also embellish what you already know by brining to the table a fresh perspective on how to tweak and refine what you are already doing so well.
  • What is a functional Nutrition?
    Functional Nutrition emphasizes the importance of high quality food, macronutrient composition, nutritional diversity to address clinical imbalances and move people to their highest expression of health. Functional Nutritionists look to address the root cause of disease and work not only to slow down and reverse the progression, but to prevent illness even before it starts. Functional Nutritionists take a personalized approach to nutrition, weaving together protocols and habits that are tailor made to you and your unique needs. We use a food as medicine approach, utilizing flavorful, nourishing meal plans that are easy to stick to, to help our clients reach their optimal potential when it comes to health and wellness.
  • What’s the difference between a health coach and a Registered Dietitian?
    A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist [RDN] undergoes formal training in science to earn a degree. A credentialed RDN must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, complete a six to twelve month practice program, pass a national exam and pursue continuing education requirements to maintain their credentials. Legally, one must be credentialed with the Commission on Dietetics Registration in order to call themselves a Dietitian. In addition, some states may have specific licensing requirements to hold the title Dietitian. You can rest assured when you see an RDN you will be working with someone who has undergone extensive study and training. The term Nutritionist, on the other hand is less regulated. While some states have licensure laws, others will allow almost anyone to call themselves a Nutritionist. Educational requirements are equally as vague. While some nutritionists complete post graduate work such as a Masters degree or PhD, others may hold certifications that could be completed in a weekend. When working with a Nutritionist be sure to ask about their training and what the licensure laws are in your particular state. Both Ellie and Emily are RDNs with advanced training in functional nutrition. which takes a holistic view on health treating issues systematically at the root with food and lifestyle interventions.
  • Our Cancellation Policy
    We require 48 hours notice for all cancellations*. If you cancel within 48 hours of your appointment time, you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee. *Note:There is no guarantee of an immediate rebooking. Rescheduling your appointment will be dependent upon availability.
  • Our Texting Policy
    While we appreciate seamless communication, we do not text with clients and require all communication to be hosted over on our secure Healthie Client Portal. Click HERE to login if you are a current client.
  • Connect with us via e-mail
    In accordance with HIPAA, we do give any advice or correspond with clients via email. Once we are working together one-on-one you will be set up with a HIPAA compliant and secure private portal for necessary communication.
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