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The nourishing, celebratory and functional value of food was richly highlighted during my childhood. My dad was an incredible cook [I still prefer his meals even now] and my mom was a vegetarian, constantly guiding me towards whole, unprocessed foods. I ran cross country in high school + college, where I learned [and experienced!] the power of food to strengthen my body for optimal performance.


After obtaining a degree in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from the University of Denver, I served many chronically ill patients while working in a busy critical care unit. I witnessed firsthand the power of food to not only treat, but to actually prevent many of the illnesses I saw over the course of several years. I went on to become an RDN to teach others about the importance of food + lifestyle habits as a means toward sustainable, life-promoting health.


My personal nutrition background and experience informs the way I guide women through their own journey toward finding nourishment + healing from a functional nutrition perspective. I offer gentle + targeted guidance to help women love, nurture and protect their bodies with the foods they eat and the rituals they practice.


At my very core, I believe cultivating a rich relationship with food + developing nurturing rhythms are central to vibrant longevity. I look forward to empowering you on your journey towards radiance ✨

hi!  I'm emily, RDN.

I work on the Simply Nourished team offering 1:1 mentorship + developing content and recipes for our programs. It is a joy to be part of a nutrition team that truly cares for women from cell to soul!



nourishing praise

This is the hardest I've trained in 4 years, and I stayed healthy and injury free the whole time!  I have no doubt that my time with you deserves the credit!!  My nutrition has drastically improved.  I no longer starve myself and then binge, and my body has responded so well.  I was just telling a friend that I used to run to get smaller, and now I run to get stronger, and I am doing that with the tools I learned from you!


Best of all, I think my habits continue to positively impact my family.  On Tuesday, I helped pace my 9yo daughter and her Girls on the Run teammates to finish their first 5K.  And we didn't just finish--we ran a consistent sub-11 min mile pace with only two brief stops for water.  My heart could have burst I was so proud!!!  


It's not an exaggeration to say that you continue to positively impact my life on a daily basis, and I want you to know that I'm infinitely grateful for our time together.  

Thank you again for ALL your help.  Because of you, I don't hope--I KNOW--that I will reach my life goal of being an active, healthy mom/grandma for my kids/grandkids!!

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