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1:1 care

Welcome.  I'm so glad you're here.  Entering into 1:1 time with us is an immersive wellness experience birthed out of our attention to your unique needs, pain points and desires.

mentorship with Simply Nourished is a unique gift to yourself and your health

we aren't just for anyone.. we're for YOU!


we are geeky scientists specializing in topics tailored to women who are over the punitive approach and looking for the most sustainable way to address what they are feeling in their bodies


you are in the right place if you are looking for:

[permanent] weight loss

your metabolism is merely a reflection of how you take in information from food and your environment to make energy out of it - together we'll look at your macro and micronutrient status while stitching together the roadmap back to your skinny jeans

all of this is supported by teaching your body how to be metabolically flexible [switching from using sugar to fat as fuel] through specific foods, patterns and timing to clear the lines of communication - enabling your body to use fuel instead of store it

[contagious] energy

together we will tap into the essence of true adrenal / thyroid rehabilitation teaching your body to reset cortisol levels ensuring consistent energy production and deep stress reduction so you can take on the challenges of the modern day world with grit + grace [and wake up feeling energized!]

[vibrant] hormone balance

together we will look at your superpowers - your hormones and their metabolization patterns [i.e how your body is secreting and digesting them] - turns out, the proportion of hormones to one another plays a tremendous role in everything from how you think to how you feel moment to moment

[restorative] gut healing

your gut is the cauldron of wellness and the trailhead to our time together - by healing your gut and diversifying your microbiome, we recalibrate your capacity to fight infection, digest food, and age more gracefully

what is 1:1 care?

Based on our commitment to transformative outcomes [and deeply nurturing process-oriented care], we invite our mentees into an initial 16 week immersive “capsule” dedicated to the architecture of wellness- drafted personally for you.


Our time together is anchored by a rhythm of meeting every other week for 75 minutes giving you space between our sessions to integrate what we're teaching you into the tapestry of your life.


While our synchronous time together is invaluable to your progress, the transformation occurs in the time apart as you put the resources into motion with our on-demand support to nurture you every step along the way.


At the end of our first capsule, we will evaluate where you are, what milestones we’ve reached and together decide what comes next to catalyze your graduation into sweet confident independence.


All follow up care is continued in 8 week capsules for as long as we decide you need nurtured supervision.

here is exactly what to expect


  • 16 week immersive “capsule” 

  • live 75 minute calls scheduled every other week to identify what to practice in our time apart

  • on demand support between calls to navigate stumbling blocks and celebrate daily success

  • bespoke resources including recipes tailored to what you need most 

  • reflective exercises digging into and supporting the neurochemistry of sustainable habit change

  • dawn to dusk lifestyle architecture curated to elevate your capacity to thrive, long-term

what is included

the journey


step one


book 30 min discovery session with Ellie to explore the architecture of the mentorship


step two


if mentorship is aligned, based on the discovery call, you will be sent a link to book a 90 min session to build out roadmap of care


step three


1 week later we jump into the 16 week mentorship capsule


step four


after 16 weeks together [if ready] you’ll graduate into confident independence, celebrating transformative results


step five


all follow-up care is continued in 8 week capsules as we agree your goals require it 

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why labs


  • labs illustrate 

    • what may be happening that you are not feeling

    • patterns of imbalance and disease 

  • labs are the catalyst to creating a more precise with blueprint of care

labs FAQ

which labs are available through Simply Nourished?

  • the labs the Simply Nourished practitioners offer include [but are not limited to]

  • stool panel 

    • this panel includes 35 pages of data on your gut, showcasing microbiome diversity, patterns of inflammation, and state of digestive health - your gut is the cauldron of wellness 

  • hormone balance analysis 

    • this panel showcases how your hormones are dancing with one another - you can expect to see your metabolization patterns [i.e how your body digests your hormones] and the proportion of estrogen, testosterone and progesterone to one another which plays a tremendous role in metabolic health, graceful aging and vitality 

which labs will I be running?

  • nothing is mandatory - labs simply serve as catalysts to care

  • all lab recommendations you receive are dependent on what you need [based on what has been run recently and what your goals are]

is it possible to just run labs without a mentorship?

  • yes! Instead of weaving lab work into a mentorship you can perform only lab work and engage in up to 3 x 75 min calls to review the labs. If you need more than 3 sessions, you are a likely candidate for a more immersive mentorship

how soon can I get into the practice? 

  • that depends on the practitioner [Ellie v. Emily] - depending on which practitioner is most aligned 

  • if you you need to wait, you will be given a gorgeous menu of “homework” to perform [including lab work, if desired] to bridge the gap between your initial inquiry and the mentorship start date

mentorship form

schedule your discovery call

Thank you for carving out the time to give us a few more details about how you found us and what you seek most in our time together. We adore getting to know snippets about you and your story before we dig in deep.

are you willing to get precision / targeted lab work run?
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thank you! 


shortly you will receive an email with a link to ellie's calendar to book a 30 minute discovery call.


I can't wait to meet you.

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