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While we live in a certainty-driven world underpinned by striving pressure and performance, I am becoming privy to the flow of something more organically woven into the tapestry of our DNA: allowance.

Instead of feeling pressured to be the doer and maker manipulating our environments moment by moment, allowance orchestrates a gentle unfolding process buoyed by the belief that events in life are not obstacles; they are stepping stones.

With a commitment to allowance, one is also permitting to the acceptance of all things in our experience as a conspiracy by the universe to bring people, events, and even obstacles stepping stones that are required to unlock our purpose and expand into our potential.

When you allow, you begin to realize that you do not see the full extent of the world you live in. Instead, you remain rooted in the acknowledgment that you are swimming in vibrations orchestrated by resonance. And it is through resonance that events, people and opportunities will come into and fall organically out of your life.

As a reflection of your intention-driven desires, your trusting allowance will believe that what falls away is opening space for new vibrational patterns transitioning you into the next level of awakened allowance.

Ultimately, allowance cultivates trust that your intentions and desires are orchestrated by an ocean of wisdom far beyond your realm of consciousness experience.

By submitting to something far beyond your intellect, you are accepting a new realm of reality catalyzed by the power of allowance.


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