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battling brain fog

Brain fog is the worst. It makes things... obscured. The good news is, this cloud formation can be cleared up by balancing your hormones at the root.

Start with these simple steps.

First, recognize if this is you. Don’t you dare normalize it or let age be your adorable [or not so adorable] scapegoat.

Then consider implementing a few of these easily accessible tactics to give the brain a boost.

1. weave phytoestrogens into your daily menu [phytoestrogens come from food and have an adaptogenic impact on your estrogen levels]: feast on flaxseeds, tempeh, sesame seeds, beans and lentils

2. make sure anti-inflammatory fats are a part of each and every single plate- focusing on avocados, olive oil, hemp seeds [or hemp seed oil], and cold water fish

3. consider weaving in the adaptogenic root maca: maca is used traditionally in the Peruvian mountains, and is now used by many herbalists around the world, to promote mental acuity, physical vitality, endurance, and stamina. Maca can help to reduce anxiety and depression and is rich in essential amino acids, iodine, iron, and magnesium, as well as health-promoting plant sterols that may possess a wide range of activities supporting adrenal and hormone function associated with brain fog. Bonus: it's also known to boost libido, too! Just be sure to buy gelatinized maca not raw maca for ease of digestion and thyroid protection.

4. And last but not least: work with a functional practitioner you trust to evaluate your levels of estrogen while working on sleep, stress, hydration and blood sugar. You deeply deserve someone who understands sex hormones and their impact on your brain!

It just so happens that I’m about to start this journey with a group of gorgeous women around the globe. I just opened up registration for The Table [my online membership] and this quarter is dedicated to hormone balance.

Guiding women toward a place of hormone balance is what I’ve dedicated my heart, soul and practice to.

We will spend the next 3 months exploring how to optimize estrogen levels to clear up that brain fog but also to strike hormone balance across the board- unlocking your sanity.


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