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nourish your way to an easier period

Whether your periods are regular or not, a woman's cycle is not to be simply endured. Instead, being on your period requires extra care + attention. Seeds happen to provide the body with specific nutrients necessary to build your hormones in sync with fluctuations in hormone levels.

Otherwise, we fall prey to the gnarly side of needs unmet which feels like:

  1. persistent sugar cravings

  2. seemingly unrelenting hunger pangs

  3. poor sleep

  4. cramping

  5. anxiety

  6. bloating

  7. headaches

  8. fatigue

Prioritizing sleep and rest is the most foundational nutrient to prioritize during a period since the loss of blood translates to a loss of energy. And, with this loss of energy, care extends even further into lush regenerative nourishment through foods and fluids to replenish nutrients.

Instead of falling prey to overwhelm, take a peek at some very approachable ways to nourish your way to an easier period to lighten the load of the common symptoms and of needs unmet during menstruation so you can support your body and reclaim your vibrancy in every stage of your cyclical journey.

Aim to prioritize the following during your period:

  • hydration

    • drink high mineral content mineral water [or water with mineral drops added] to restore electrolyte balance + maintain adequate fluid status. This can help to combat headaches, bloating and muscle weakness

    • take action: drink 10-12 oz mineral water each day upon waking

  • dark leafy greens

    • loss of blood = loss of iron. Prioritize dark leafy greens to replenish iron stores + give your body a punch of anti-inflammatory support to fight off fatigue at the source

    • take action: buy a box of baby dark leafy greens and add 1-2 handfuls to one meal daily [poof! you've eaten through a box by the end of the week. magic!]

  • fatty fish

    • chock full of omega-3s, fatty fish provides high-quality, anti-inflammatory fats to keep inflammation at bay

    • take action: buy a can of fatty fish [such as salmon or sardines] and whip up a protein power snack to add to a meal or eat alone - 1 can of fatty fish + 1-2 Tbs clean ranch or pesto

  • warming stews // soups

    • soothe your cramps by indulging in a warm cup of stew. Focus on warming foods during this time to support your energy and give your body what it naturally craves

    • take action: whip up one big batch of a grounding root vegetable-forward soup like this and freeze portions so they are ready to go!

Aim to limit the following during your period:

  • refined // processed foods

    • foods that have been created in a factory have often been stripped of essential nutrients and paired with sodium leading to bloating, inflammation and increased cramps

    • take action: make it a game to swap a packaged food for unpackaged food 1 x per day - ex: swap chips for snap peas

  • foods with added sugars

    • aim to limit consumption of sweet treats during this time in order to quell inflammation by keeping blood sugar regulated and sugar cravings low

    • take action: stock your fridge with berries and pre-roasted root veg so that when you have a sugar craving you enjoy nature's sweet treat - without the inflammatory aftermath

  • alcohol

    • alcohol can cause dehydration, leading to headaches + fatigue. It can also deplete magnesium levels leading to increased cramping + sleeplessness

    • take action: whip up or stock up on one fun mock-tail during your period and enjoy every evening In a playful cocktail glass [notice specifically what impact this has on your sleep]

While a typical period lasts for 3-7 days, you can implement these tactful tips any time of your cycle. It is essential during your period though to tune into the unique cues + symptoms of your body to adequately support it.


If you want to learn about how to care for your body during all phases of your cycle, consider joining the waitlist for my online membership, the Table, where we dedicate an entire 12 weeks to learning about the intricacies of hormone balance + exactly what to do about it.


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