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Simply Nourished favorite things: September

It's officially fall and I feel a newfound sense of energy.

Is it the color? The fresh air?

Or maybe it's just change. It's refreshing at a soul level. And as I feel refreshed I can't help but share some of my favorite things : reads, resources and products that help me live my best life.

Go on, indulge in the season and playfully explore the options below at your leisure!

Our Favorite Things :


favorite things

When it comes to the immune system, mushrooms happen to be magical. Every variety of mushroom boasts a different immune boosting property. And no... you don't even have to dabble in the magic kind to experience the immune recalibrating benefits of fungi. This powdered mushroom blend is my all-time favorite since it capitalizes on a variety of mushrooms that are hard to find in a strictly culinary setting.



favorite things

I found the edible cookie dough of my dreams. Yes, I will still happily make my own treasure trove cookie dough bites, but you can bet on me using these in a pinch [or maybe just on a whim]! I found this hidden gem in the freezer section at my local natural grocery store! You can of course eat them straight from the carton or pop a few scoops in the oven to bake cookies. Doughy for dayzzz.



favorite things

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love bubbles. You also know how much I talk about loving your liver. Turns out the two don't have to be mutually exclusive when you bring in botanical bubbles like rock grace. It's rare to find a "faux-secco" that is not loaded with sugar and additives. However, I am thoroughly impressed with this blend and serve it on the regular to guests who are looking for a deeper nights sleep without sacrificing a playful bevvie experience.



favorite things

While my favorite time management system is Sunsama and here's why, my colleague in practice is all about pen to paper. And I love her for it. Her golden coil planner enables her to customize a week at a glance view and meal plan for the week ahead [complete with a shopping list!] Emily says she would be lost without it! Turns out I may need golden coil AND sunsama now.



favorite things

Ease gracefully into autumn with this nourishing + grounding fall recipe packet showcasing seasonal fruits, vegetables and flavors. Not only is each plate balanced and satisfying, but these recipes are so delicious they will become staples in your kitchen for fall seasons to come. This is the full packet of fall recipes [including 6 breakfasts and 9 lunches/dinners!] showcased last year in my online membership, The Table… and they got RAVE reviews. Click HERE to download and start cooking!



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Join the waitlist for the next session of The Table where we redefine gut health. Sign up and be the first to know when registration opens. We kick off October 24!


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