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simply nourished summer travel guide

Summer is officially here and I am giddy with excitement at the prospect of enjoying time under the sun with friends and family! For me, summer is a time to PLAY, travel and explore. Whether it’s a road trip, camping excursion, beach getaway or international adventure, the summer is buzzing with activity and long, carefree days.

One crucial element to summer trips + adventures [and one of the questions I get asked the most!] is managing the planning and prepping of on-the-go food and snacks.

Food is a crucial part of my travel kit, along with my sandals, sunscreen and a good book. I find that the time I spend planning + packing my food beforehand is worth the time and saity saved when I find myself stuck in a place with little to no food options. The little bit of prep helps me feel like I am living my best life on vacation.

So here it is my dear…your Simply Nourished summer travel guide full of my favorite travel foods and suggestions!




With all the fun mountain towns to explore and family reunions to partake in, time in the car or a tent is bound to happen. Being out in the wilderness and with family is one of the most nourishing experiences for the senses but maybe a bit more challenging on the food front. Here are a few go-to ideas to make sure you’re getting your baseline needs and letting the traditional camp or road trip nosh fill in the gaps.

*Note: many of the options listed below in the airport section apply to road-tripping as well. While it may seem like a hassle to pack food while you’re also juggling all the other items on the packing list, the best part about car trips is the capacity to pack a cooler. So let’s capitalize on it and consider the following:



  • take a quick look at the towns you’ll be driving through and do a few google searches for grocery options AND fun restaurants along the way [who knows! You might just find a hidden gem]

      • plan your meals / stops around these places

      • look at the restaurant menu beforehand to ensure you choose a place that will be both satisfying + nourishing



  • pre-chopped simple veg [my favs include jicama + snap peas + bell peppers + fennel + carrots]

  • hard boiled eggs

  • cottage cheese + berries

  • chia seed pudding

    • 1 cup yogurt of choice + 1 Tbsp chia seeds + sweetener/spices [of choice] + splash of milk [of choice]

      • mix and store in travel-friendly container

  • single serve packs of guacamole + grain-free chips [ex. siete tortilla chips]

  • seasonal fruit [melon, stone fruit, apples or citrus]

  • beef / turkey jerky [< 5g sugar per serving]

  • clean protein bars

  • mixed nuts

  • bone broth powder packets




Whether you will be cooking in the great outdoors on a camping stove / a barbeque grill in the park, or you are staying in a hotel with a kitchen / access to a microwave, consider these ingredients for quick + easily packable meals!

  • packaged / canned salmon or tuna + grain-free crackers [of choice] + cucumber slices + single serve olive oil packets

  • make sandwiches on the road:

    • prep homemade chicken / egg / tuna salad beforehand and store in an airtight container in the cooler. Bring a loaf of grain-free bread [or lettuce leaves] and make sandwiches on the road!

  • pre-cooked rice packets + pre-cooked beans

    • heat over a stove or in a microwave

  • clean, dehydrated soup mixes packed with veg + legumes [i.e. Patagonia]

    • heat over a stove

  • classic foil packs:

    • pre-cooked chicken sausage [sliced] + lots of veg [of choice] + seasonings [of choice] + potatoes [of choice, cubed small] + cheese [of choice, DF optional]

      • place all ingredients on a lightly greased sheet of foil and wrap several times until completely sealed. Place in the embers of a campfire OR on a barbecue grill in the park and allow to cook until ingredients are tender [flipping occasionally]

  • simple pasta:

    • legume pasta [of choice] + jarred marinara sauce [of choice] + pre-chopped broccoli

      • cook pasta over a stove, drain then coat with marinara sauce. Add broccoli and allow to cook over low heat until warmed through

  • quick salad:

    • bagged lettuce + hard boiled eggs + single-serve olive oil packets + nuts [of choice] + salt + pepper




Airports are food deserts, am I right? Don’t fall prey to [meh] pizza that you didn’t really want anyway when you can just as easily pack nourishing foods you can enjoy while waiting for your flight to take off. Packing a combo of the following categories might just be what you needed to travel coast to coast without missing a beat:


  • powdered green drink [of choice, i.e. Organifi or Athletic greens]

  • broccoli crisps

  • Brad’s veg chips, any variety

  • pre-chopped vegetables [of choice]


  • Raw Rev Glo Bars

  • collagen powder in a ziplock [can be mixed into your coffee/tea on the run to the next gate!]

  • jerky [with 5 g sugar or less]

  • Primal Kitchen Bars

  • Epic Bars


  • nut butter single serve packets

  • mixed nuts- pre-prepared baggie

  • olives- single serve packets of

  • olive oil- single serve packets

  • shaved coconut- unsweetened

  • coconut butter packet


  • Biena roasted chickpea snacks

  • Bare apple chips

  • Inner peas snacks

  • Inner bean snacks

  • Bada Bean Bada Boom snacks




Experiencing and savoring local cuisine is one of my favorite parts of traveling! I always try to eat out at least a couple of times while I am on vacation to really get a true feel for the place I am visiting. My advice for eating out is to plan it! Plan which meals you will eat out and do a little research beforehand to find restaurants that are unique, highly rated, or celebratory in some way. Take a little time to peruse the menu of local eateries to ensure they have options that will leave you feeling fabulous!


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