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soul sunday: navigating fear through the lens of creativity [not control]

I am learning as I expand into the unknown how boring and uneventful living out of fear is.

I wholeheartedly believe we weren’t born in a state of persistent fear catalyzing mistrust.

that all begins in our training.

navigating fear through the lens of creativity

we learn not to trust a curiosity, so fear squelches our creative expression and expansion.

we learn not to trust what we feel, so fear constricts our flow and fluidity in our bodies.

we learn not to trust our desires for love, food, and connection, so fear confines us to a preordained plate and script

as fear continues to infringe upon our trust in ourselves, as well as those around us, we lose connection with our true selves.

… and then just like that, we use control to tame anything we don’t trust.

while fear is evolutionary, control is not.

so the path back to where we belong is paved with the courage to be creative again.

creativity is the path for the brave but not the fearless.

fear will almost always show up as you enter into a realm of uncertainty and your job is to make enough space for creativity to peacefully coexist with fear

because when creativity stays in the presence of our instinctual fears we unlock the treasures of our truest self.

but if we fight fear with control, we will spend our lives on the merry-go-round of predictable outcomes driven by fear, isolation, and buried desires.

what I am learning to do personally is feel fear, acknowledge its presence, but not fight it with such an immediate call to arms [control].

I am also learning to release fear with more flow and ease as it spontaneously [and sometimes persistently] shows up, making space for creativity to make itself cozy in my life

in other words I’m noticing where fear "peeks" in the window but I'm handing creativity the "wheel" as I navigate what is next for me in the marvelous terrain of the swirly twirly unknown.

otherwise control would drive me right back to get another predictable outcome.

I am ready to go somewhere new… aren’t you? Time to navigate fear through the lens of creativity.


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