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soul sunday: thread of desire

Everything is the effect of desire.

Desire is energy that will carry you into a space where you transcend limitation and fear.

Mastery of desire requires you to feel safe enough to dance with whatever desire might come up.

You also get to decide if you will bring that desire to fruition.

thread of desire

In order to tap into the source of desire, give yourself radical permission to ask yourself multiple times a day: “what do I want right now?“

Then, tenderly hold space for energy to shift and ideas to condense like a whisper of wonder percolating to the surface of your psyche.

Along the way, be sure to ask if you are putting more energy into staying constricted or allowing for expansion.

Ultimately, desire is creative energy.

It requires a willingness to be curious; forgoing limiting stories as you are drawn down the path of alignment.

Amidst the perceived chaos of your day to day encounters there is a cosmic underpinning to our deep desires which no story is immense enough to contain.

So let desire run wild.

Water it daily as though you are watering the roots of life energy itself.

Your boldness, greatness, and purpose in this world are woven together into a tapestry with a common thread of desire.


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