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the art of true wellness

In the world of nutrition, there are some far encompassing words that are becoming harder and harder to understand

Metabolism, cleanse, detox, inflammation, and wellness are a few I grapple with daily.

And as my clients use ubiquitous terms like this, my job is to explain what they tangibly mean so that they aren’t quite so nebulous. I tend to struggle working or teaching in the abstract.

Good thing I’m not planning on going into philosophy eh?

Let’s dissect the word “wellness” together because I want you to walk away from reading this feeling inspired by different facets of wellness that you have on lock-down and others that perhaps could be a target for development in your life.

It turns out the term “wellness” encompasses so much more than simply sound nutrition + consistent exercise.

Margaret Swarbrick first proposed that there are 8 spheres, or dimensions, of wellness that are vitally important for an individual’s well being. The pursuit of growth in each of these dimensions breeds a life of kindness toward yourself and others.

Pause, and take a moment to read over + reflect on each topic listed below, noting the examples listed are merely there to provide inspiration!


  • engage in meaningful movement daily

  • feed your mind + body with nourishing, whole foods

  • prioritize sleep and practices that restore + refuel your body

emotional // mental

  • take time to reflect daily + keep a gratitude journal

  • practice self-care habits

  • acknowledge + have compassion for the feelings of others


  • live within your means

  • steward your resources responsibly by investing + saving

  • be generous


  • playfully engage your creative side by creating something with your hands // mind

  • learn something new [a new skill, hobby, idea]

  • maintain a sense of wonder + curiosity


  • invest in authentic community by being vulnerable and sharing yourself

  • be hospitable by hosting others + listening well

  • encourage friends and family on a regular basis


  • believe in something greater than yourself

  • reflect often on what gives you purpose + value in your life

  • participate in activities that support your values and beliefs


  • enjoy the beauty of nature

  • curate a home environment that is pleasing + comfortable

  • contribute to the sustainability of the earth according to your personal beliefs


  • share your unique gifts + talents through your work

  • engage in both paid and unpaid work that is rewarding on a soul level

  • find a balance between work + leisure

As you reflect on these dimensions of wellness, celebrate those you are doing well and think intentionally about how you could improve on the areas that still need development.

Where can you be kinder to yourself?

Where can you be kinder to others?

True mastery of each of these dimensions takes a lifetime, which is why we at Simply Nourished use the phrase #progressoverperfection on the daily. Wellness from cell to soul is a PROCESS, not a pass // fail test.

If this idea of all encompassing [multi-faceted] wellness is inspiring to you, click HERE to explore further.


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