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the ultimate thyroid grocery list

The thyroid gland is the body’s metronome. Symptoms like chronic fatigue, stubborn weight gain, dry skin hair and nails are but a few of the telltale signs that the “metronome” is missing key nutrients to thrive.

Don’t be discouraged [or tempted to let age be a scapegoat]. The thyroid gland can be healed and nourished back to life so that well… you feel alive again. Below you will find a simple shopping list to get started. Each item listed offers essential micronutrients your thyroid needs to thrive.

1. Sea Vegetables: Turns out kelp is the new kale [at least to the thyroid!] All sea vegetables boast iodine, a powerful nutrient for optimal thyroid production alongside trace minerals required to convert TSH into active T3. Sea vegetables are the multi-vitamin of the ocean and a little bit goes a long way. If sensitive to iodine, consider simply sprinkling chlorella or spirulina in a smoothie to give your thyroid a little multimineral power boost while supporting pathways of drainage and detox through gentle binding action.

  • Sea vegetables made simple: One easy way to enjoy sea vegetables in whole food form is to snack on roasted seaweed, season food with a blend of sea vegetables or soak sea vegetables [like kombu] in water and legumes overnight [making the legume even more digestible].

2. Unrefined Sea Salt: Good news! Salt = both flavor and function. However, an important distinction is the difference between unrefined salt such as Himalayan salt and processed, bleached table salt. Unrefined sea salt contains minerals which are important in supporting the thyroid gland and the conversions the various thyroid hormones to be efficient and effective.

  • Unrefined sea salt made simple: Swap in high quality sea salt using medicinal pinches here and there to amplify the flavor of food. Be sure to pair all intentional salt intake with filtered water to support kidney function.

3. Brazil nuts: While a less popular nut, Brazil nuts boast bundles of an important nutrient in the conversion from inactive to active thyroid hormone T3 - selenium. Only 1-2 nuts a day is sufficient. Not a fan of the brazil nut? No problem. Other sources of selenium include wild salmon, mushrooms, and egg yolks.

  • Brazil nuts made simple: Consider adding brazil nuts to your smoothies, granolas and/or savory roasted nut mixes. I personally just keep them in my freezer and pop 2 a day. Yum!

4. Eggs: Speaking of egg yolks, eggs live up to their title of the “perfect food,” especially when it comes to balancing hormones through diet. They provide a concentrated source of thyroid-supporting building blocks like protein, cholesterol, B vitamins, fat-soluble vitamins, and minerals. Contrary to the belief of mainstream [or, as I say, misled] nutrition, the yolks – not whites – are the most nutritious part of the egg.

Take a quick look at the nutritional highlights of eggs:

  • Iodine – iodine is critical for proper thyroid health and only 2-3 eggs fulfills 20-30% of your daily iodine requirement.

  • Selenium – just like Brazil nuts, both the egg yolk and the white provide an excellent source of selenium, optimizing the conversion from T4 to useable T3 hormone.

  • Fat-soluble vitamins – the egg yolk contains all of the fat-soluble vitamins in the egg- A, D, E, and K- all of which support the thyroid.

  • B Vitamins – B vitamins support blood sugar balance and energy levels taking stress off the thyroid gland. Egg yolks are particularly high in choline which is particularly supportive to the thyroid gland as well.

Make eggs simple: Consider adding eggs to your weekly meal plan in a rhythmic way noting that you don’t have to eat them everyday to get what you need.

5. Cod Liver Oil: A historically sacred food, cod liver oil offers the unique balance of vitamin A and vitamin D, both in highly bio-available forms. Everyone from babies to pregnant mothers and the elderly can benefit by taking a top quality cod liver product daily to decrease inflammation and provide TLC to the hard working thyroid gland via critical hormone balancing fat soluble vitamins.

  • Make Code Liver Oil Simple: Easy ways to consume cod liver oil include blending it into smoothies or adding lemon flavored cod liver oil into salad vinaigrettes. Are you convinced your thyroid needs even more TLC? Click HERE to learn more about thyroid dysfunction feels like, what to look for in labs and how to support the thyroid even more comprehensively through food and lifestyle design.


Why is the thyroid so important? Let's dive in!

This tiny-but-mighty butterfly shaped organ regulates big functions in the body including: metabolism and weight regulation, cholesterol level regulation, mental clarity, sleep pattern regulation, heart function, digestion and assimilation, plus hormonal balance [including maintaining healthy menstrual cycles + fertility + pregnancy]

It's the ultimate multitasker, just like you! 💪💫

Taking care of your thyroid means taking care of yourself. Click on the button below to purchase our tiny tutorial dedicated to thyroid TLC


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