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Simply Nourished Strength Club

Here's the deal... you can find a fitness class anywhere. And we know the reason you're here at The Table is because you want something different.


So instead, we want you to be spoon-fed [on demand!] a harmonious synergy of strength, soul, and wellness.

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Simply Nourished Strength Club at a glance:

  • Complimentary Preview: Begin your journey with two free lessons - one inspired by the fluidity of Pilates, the other rooted in the power of strength training.

  • Weekly Wellness: Each week, we unveil two new [virtual] classes, alternating between Pilates and strength-focused sessions. This rhythm is designed to nourish both body and soul. You can take the classes on your time, in your home, whenever you're ready to hit your mat.

  • Mindful Investment: Join this journey for only $12 a week [a small step towards a more balanced and fulfilled you].

fitness, on your time

Join this journey for only $12 a week with a commitment to one month at a time [a small step towards a more balanced and fulfilled you].

your instructors

Led by Ann Flanigan and Julie Lewis, these classes elevate the art of rebuilding the body through the lens of functional fluidity

Ultimately, Simply Nourished Strength Club is our invitation to you, to find balance and joy in movement, to connect deeper with your body, and to embrace a fitness routine that feels like a natural extension of your cell-to-soul wellness.


And the best part is, as you hit the mat, you'll know you've got a gorgeous group of women beside you doing the same.

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