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Cutting board with healthy ingredients

Welcome to The Table

Transform your life in just one year, from cell to soul

Experience a tailor-made nutrition program designed by a Functional Dietitian and Lifestyle Architecture expert, empowering women to cultivate vibrant wellness and design the life they deserve.

Ready to transform your habits forever & join The Table?

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what's included

here's what to expect

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3 full months dedicated to helping you speak the language of your body

  • each quarter focused on a different facet

Recipes Icon

chef-designed original recipes 

  • tailored to simplicity + families + quarterly protocol

  • short cuts outlined without sacrificing quality

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decisions made for you

  • by me - your lifestyle architect

  • your day - designed from dawn to dusk

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a community of women

  • women who are on this wellness journey with you

  • plan on feeling seen and heard daily

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weekly LIVE calls

  • meaningful connection + accountability

  • time to troubleshoot + refine your daily habits

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daily oversight by ellie, RDN + MSN

  • personalized answers + oversight

  • priceless

Healthy nutritional desserts.

how do I know The Table is for me?

You have tried everything that used to work only to find it no longer works on that puff with no purpose that suddenly showed up around your waistline at age forty. You wake up tired and lurch into a stretched overwhelm midafternoon. With all the mixed messages you receive via friends, social media and [[fill in the blank]], you feel more confused than ever.


Sound familiar?

You’re over punitive diets and are seeking out a way of living and eating that feels aligned with who you are and what you believe in. This place feels… lonely. And what you crave maybe more than anything is a community of women who see you, understand your struggle, and can grab you by the hand and walk beside you on your journey. 

If you’re really honest with yourself, pivoting to become laser focused on yourself will resolve all of this and more. 

pick the subscription that is right for you

The membership is application based to ensure the women who join are accompanied by like-minded souls.

You can choose to invest in your health journey in any of the four ways below. Select which plan works best for you!


12 PAYMENTS OF $111*

Choose this pampered payment plan for the full year and receive a year of access to all The Table has to offer!

*the monthly subscription commits you to a year of nurtured care and community - if you opt to cancel before your year is complete you will be subject to a cancellation fee


1 PAYMENT OF $1,277

Our most popular option!


By joining The Table for the full year in one single payment you kick-start your journey to transformative wellness.

*Interested in purchasing just a SINGLE QUARTER?

Inquire HERE.

meaningful change takes time

why 12 months?

At The Table, we do not subscribe to urgency. Instead, a velvet-cushioned chair with your name engraved on it, is pulled up beside a sisterhood of other women, present and available, to walk beside you for the duration of time you need to encounter transformative traction. A full 12 months at The Table gives you enough time to unravel decades of patterns catalyzed by effort, not ease.


And having the time to focus on four different facets of wellness across the calendar year, you have the time and breathing space to begin emanating your way into your day, eating and living, in a way that elevates your most aligned self. Pairing the science of behavior change with the biochemistry of your gorgeous physiology, you walk away with a toolkit fully equipped for you to iterate on what you’ve learned… for life. 

Imagine what it would feel like to finally have a balanced, healthy life, that is simple for you to maintain on a daily basis…where it never feels like an effort because it’s just a natural part of your life.


transformations in each quarter






the roadmap back to your skinny jeans starts by experiencing metabolic flexibility [switching from using sugar to fat as fuel] by using specific foods, patterns and timing to clear the lines of communication - enabling your body to use fuel instead of store it

with metabolic flexibility comes energy and Q2 capitalizes on the groundwork of Q1 by tapping into the essence of true adrenal rehabilitation; together we will teach your body to reset cortisol levels ensuring consistent energy production and deep stress reduction

once cortisol is reset in Q2, we create momentum by looking at the other hormones secreted by the adrenals: the sex hormones. together we recalibrate and optimize the output of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone; say goodbye to PMS, hot flashes, night sweats and the spare tire

the grand finale, the central cog of the body: digestion. together we renew and rebuild digestion to optimize our capacity to extract nutrients from food, detoxify excess and of course experience protection against immune invasion

Honey and dipper for a nutritional sweetner.

The Table offers women a safe place to find answers to their most pressing wellness questions, especially related to metabolic health, gut health, energy, hormone imbalance, and menopause. 

With the evolution of this elevated online membership experience, The Table is disrupting the sterility of traditional dietetics creating a category of its own; one that solves the most pressing pain points and desires of women seeking functional nutrition for balanced living in order to uplevel how they live and eat to thrive.


the science

Led by a team of functional medicine dietitians, The Table caters to you when you feel most lost and crave the lush nourishment of simple step-wise care tailored to you in a way that breeds confidence and self-efficacy.


Here at The Table, transformation entails so much more than new wellness habits, it starts with the excavation of what no longer serves you and is epitomized by the solidification of what you can sustain.


Led by functional medicine Dietitian Ellie Kempton MSN RDN, we pair the deep wisdom of your biochemistry with the neuroscience of behavior design to ensure what is taught accurately targets your deepest pain points in a way that is emotionally approachable. We recognize you are a living breathing human being with dynamic needs, interests and desires. 

Ellie's story

The Table was born out of Ellie’s deep frustration 5 years ago that there were very few resources available to women stitching the puzzle pieces of their wellness concerns together in an approachable way. 

Ellie Kempton grocery bag full of nutritional groceries.

your commitment

1 x 1 hour masterclass [untangling the topic at hand while providing a blueprint of what to expect during our time together]

weekly: 30 min calls [spoon-feeding you exactly what to practice week by week and recorded for relistening and catching up]

daily: 10-20 min [to practice what is being taught + on-demand daily support from the Simply Nourished team to personalize your journey]

[optional] time to prep recipes

Cutting board with flavor ingredients

why sign up for the full 12-month membership?

While signing up for a quarter of The Table that most resonates may serve as a trailhead to your time here at The Table, the architecture of The Table was intentionally designed to be a full year enabling you to gently, with so much deep compassion, trust and time, rewire new habits that become a part of who you are and what you believe in.


We have found over the past 5 years that only a quarter of the Table can feel rushed leaving you vulnerable to falling back into old patterns of reactivity and disintegration. A full year of time at The Table punctuates your day with a rhythm of routine and ritual - resilient for the long haul. 


nourishing praise

You are amazing, Ellie! I love your positivity, forgiveness mentality and encouraging ways!! I will work on being more patient. Meanwhile, I will also employ my new favorite quote that I learned from an AMR podcast guest. “Abandon the idea of what it should look like and trust the process. Don’t do it alone!” Thanks for showing me a new process and holding my hand through it. I realize that this looks different for everyone so I will trust the process!”

Mom and daughter cooking together

big doubt #1 : I don’t have time to make myself breakfast much less time for a weekly call!

Great! All calls are recorded for tuning in on the go.  The best part is, within the call you’ll learn shortcuts that make the orchestration of your day far more seamless, saving you time and energy to be your very best self. 

big doubt #2 : I have tried so many things on for size and have failed most of them - what makes this different?

Welcome to the architecture of wellness built upon the neurochemistry of habit change. Instead of being thrown into the “fire” and being asked to change everything all at once… yesterday, you will be gently nurtured week by week towards habit formation built upon the acknowledgement that breaking old patterns and forming new ones takes time. We don’t subscribe to urgency, nor do we allow you to fall prey to overwhelm. Instead, you are invited into a space to release of what no longer serves you making space for what does to take root with resilience.

Ellie cutting a lemon
Proportioned Apples

big doubt #3 : I don’t have the money to spend on myself right now

What we hear often from our Table members is just how much time [your most precious asset] and money is saved as a member. You are spoon-fed automation in shopping, food prep, and daily routine that prevents you from spending any more time searching around on the internet for answers to your most pressing questions. You just tapped into wisdom on demand paired with a plan that keeps food from going to waste and energy from being exhausted. Instead your resources are streamlined, elevated, and conserved for you to pursue your passion and purpose and reserve! 

big doubt #4 : I’m strictly _______
[fill in the blank diet] and need this to work for me and my whole family

Brilliant! Here at The Table we do not subscribe to any one diet. Yes, we are plant forward. But what diet can argue against plants? None. Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or allergic to specific foods, all recipes are tailored to your preferences and you have the Simply Nourished Private Chef on demand to help you with more niche concerns. We see you!

Healthy ingredients on cutting board

The Table has been thoughtfully refined to accommodate all of this for you and more!

  • How do I start working with you?
    There is nothing you need to do, “unlearn” or embrace before working with us. Once you are under our care, you can expect decisions to be made for you and allow a wave of confidence roll over you are you no longer “swim” in the sea of choices on your plate and in your lifestyle. Simply click here to book your discovery call with either Ellie or Emily and from there you will be led step-by-step toward your wellness goals.
  • I'm not in the Denver area. Can we still work together?
    Yes, absolutely! Our private mentoring options + group coaching classes + meal plans are all available no matter where you live. In-person speaking + hands on education sessions are available upon request [yes, we travel].
  • Who do you primarily work with?
    While we delight in working with anyone craving functional nutrition and lifestyle design, we specialize in the following conditions: digestive issues steady/persistent weight gain [especially as it relates to hormone imbalance] hot flashes sugar cravings + food addiction anxiety + depression mood swings PMS hormone imbalance sleeplessness sluggish athletic performance Because on the other side of all of this is… seamless digestion sustainable weight loss fat adaptation fat adapted sports performance nourishing + balanced meals gentle daily cleansing crystal clear mental clarity freedom from food addiction confidence in your body/food choices vibrancy from cell to soul
  • What does it mean to be Simply Nourished?
    It means freedom. Freedom from monotonously counting calories- shifting the focus toward what COUNTS. The truth is, this intoxicating way of living can’t be bought conventionally. It’s a way of living that’s yours for life once you discover it.
  • I know quite a bit about nutrition and don’t want to start from the beginning. Are we still a good match?
    Coming to us with the majority of the “puzzle pieces” already in your hands is a fabulous place to be. We’ll take you from intermediate to advanced by linking up the RIGHT pieces and helping your simplify + streamline your daily protocol. We’ll also embellish what you already know by brining to the table a fresh perspective on how to tweak and refine what you are already doing so well.
  • What is a functional Nutrition?
    Functional Nutrition emphasizes the importance of high quality food, macronutrient composition, nutritional diversity to address clinical imbalances and move people to their highest expression of health. Functional Nutritionists look to address the root cause of disease and work not only to slow down and reverse the progression, but to prevent illness even before it starts. Functional Nutritionists take a personalized approach to nutrition, weaving together protocols and habits that are tailor made to you and your unique needs. We use a food as medicine approach, utilizing flavorful, nourishing meal plans that are easy to stick to, to help our clients reach their optimal potential when it comes to health and wellness.
  • What’s the difference between a health coach and a Registered Dietitian?
    A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist [RDN] undergoes formal training in science to earn a degree. A credentialed RDN must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, complete a six to twelve month practice program, pass a national exam and pursue continuing education requirements to maintain their credentials. Legally, one must be credentialed with the Commission on Dietetics Registration in order to call themselves a Dietitian. In addition, some states may have specific licensing requirements to hold the title Dietitian. You can rest assured when you see an RDN you will be working with someone who has undergone extensive study and training. The term Nutritionist, on the other hand is less regulated. While some states have licensure laws, others will allow almost anyone to call themselves a Nutritionist. Educational requirements are equally as vague. While some nutritionists complete post graduate work such as a Masters degree or PhD, others may hold certifications that could be completed in a weekend. When working with a Nutritionist be sure to ask about their training and what the licensure laws are in your particular state. Both Ellie and Emily are RDNs with advanced training in functional nutrition. which takes a holistic view on health treating issues systematically at the root with food and lifestyle interventions.
  • Our Cancellation Policy
    We require 48 hours notice for all cancellations*. If you cancel within 48 hours of your appointment time, you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee. *Note:There is no guarantee of an immediate rebooking. Rescheduling your appointment will be dependent upon availability.
  • Our Texting Policy
    While we appreciate seamless communication, we do not text with clients and require all communication to be hosted over on our secure Healthie Client Portal. Click HERE to login if you are a current client.
  • Connect with us via e-mail
    In accordance with HIPAA, we do give any advice or correspond with clients via email. Once we are working together one-on-one you will be set up with a HIPAA compliant and secure private portal for necessary communication.

so, what happens next?

As soon as you register to be a Table member, you will receive a welcome email granting you access to your private membership portal. You can take a little self-led tour or jump right into your private facebook forum and say hello to your fellow Table sisters.

Otherwise, sit back and relax because there is nothing for you to do until July 30 @ 5:30 pm MT where we will all come together live for a 1 hour masterclass to kick off the quarter. Simply show up with a fun bevvie in hand ready to relish in the sweet simplicity of what we’ve got in store for you.

Pencil in Thursdays at 11 am MT for our weekly 1 hour call where you will be spoon-fed exactly what to do, what to release, and what to celebrate along the way. Cheers to the start of something very good!


need to chat or speak with someone?

Get in touch - fill out the form to send your questions or book a 15 mins Discovery Call.

Thanks for submitting!

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