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Cutting board with healthy ingredients

welcome to The Table

transform your life in just one year, from cell to soul

Join a personalized nutrition community exclusively for women, whipped up by a Functional Dietitian and Lifestyle Architecture expert passionate about improving women's wellness, season by season.


Empower yourself to cultivate vibrant health and design the life you deserve!

Ready to change your habits forever?


what's on the menu?

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unique + focused topic per quarter

By spending 3 full months focused on a different facet of health, you get to fully dive into learning about your own body! Curious about which topics we cover? Read about them in-depth here!

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step by step decisions made for you!

Forget the typical frustration of trying to digest a flood of new information by yourself! Your personal Lifestyle Architect will custom-design YOUR day to fit YOU best!

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personalized guidance + answers

Rest easy knowing that you will never feel like just another cookie on a tray, as Ellie, RDN+MSN, provides personal, daily oversight and support – her genuine care is priceless!

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weekly 30 min live calls

Connect with a team of Functional Medicine Dietitians as well as a beautiful community of women who are on this wellness journey with you! Plus, the calls are recorded so you never miss out!

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original, chef-created recipes

Curated with simplicity, families, and what you are learning that quarter in mind. Savor incredible, seasonal recipes that have been specially designed to save you time–without sacrificing quality.

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join a community, not just a meal plan

Create meaningful connections and accountability with other women who have also committed to seasoning and refining their life! Know that you will be seen, heard, and supported.

Imagine what it would feel like to finally have a balanced, healthy life, that is simple for you to maintain on a daily basis…where it never feels like an effort because it’s just a natural part of your life.

how much time and effort should I expect to commit to this program?

At The Table, we do not subscribe to urgency; instead, we intentionally designed The Table to be a full year of learning and guidance so you are able to gently unravel decades of old patterns while giving yourself the time and compassion necessary to integrate the small, sustainable changes and habits that will stay with you long after the program ends. 


True, lasting change takes time and dedication. By taking the time to pair the science of behavior change with the biochemistry of your gorgeous physiology, you walk away with a toolkit fully equipped for you to iterate on what you’ve learned… for life. 

After an initial 1 hour masterclass at the start of your journey, you can expect an average cook time of,

  • weekly: 30 min calls [spoon-feeding you exactly what to practice week by week and recorded for re-listening and catching up]​

  • daily: 10-20 min [to practice what is being taught + on-demand daily support from the Simply Nourished team to personalize your journey]

  • [optional] Time to prep recipes!

Honey and dipper for a nutritional sweetner.

The Table offers women a safe place to find answers to their most pressing wellness questions, especially related to metabolic health, gut health, energy, hormone imbalance, and menopause. 

With the evolution of this elevated online membership experience, The Table is disrupting the sterility of traditional dietetics creating a category of its own; one that solves the most pressing pain points and desires of women seeking functional nutrition for balanced living in order to uplevel how they live and eat to thrive.

curious about what this program includes and covers?

click here to read all the specifics and in-depth details about the Table!

pick the subscription that is right for you

The membership is application based to ensure the women who join are accompanied by like-minded souls.

You can choose to invest in your health journey in any of the four ways below. Select which plan works best for you!


12 PAYMENTS OF $111*

Choose this pampered payment plan for the full year and receive a year of access to all The Table has to offer!


1 PAYMENT OF $1,277

Our most popular option!


By joining The Table for the full year in one single payment you kick-start your journey to transformative wellness.

*the monthly subscription commits you to a year of nurtured care and community - if you opt to cancel before your year is complete you will be subject to a cancellation fee


so, what happens next?

As soon as you register to be a Table member, you will receive a welcome email granting you access to your private membership portal. You can take a little self-led tour or jump right into your private facebook forum and say hello to your fellow Table sisters.

Otherwise, sit back and relax because there is nothing for you to do until we will all come together live for a 1 hour masterclass to kick off the quarter. Simply show up with a fun bevvie in hand ready to relish in the sweet simplicity of what I’ve got in store for you.

Pencil in Thursdays at 11 am MT for our weekly 30 min call where you will be spoon-fed exactly what to do, what to release, and what to celebrate along the way.


Cheers to the start of something very good!


nourishing praise

You are amazing, Ellie! I love your positivity, forgiveness mentality and encouraging ways!! I will work on being more patient. Meanwhile, I will also employ my new favorite quote that I learned from an AMR podcast guest. “Abandon the idea of what it should look like and trust the process. Don’t do it alone!” Thanks for showing me a new process and holding my hand through it. I realize that this looks different for everyone so I will trust the process!”

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