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Cutting board with healthy ingredients

you have arrived at
the Table

a nourishing online membership to guide you back to life from cell to soul.  

Garlic healthy ingredients

what is the Table?

The Table is designed for women just like you who wholeheartedly believe that food is a form of medicine but feel “stuck.” Too much information [noise]; not enough personalized wisdom. Enter, the Table – a space of community + direction.

honey dipper with honey healthy sweetner

this quarter of the Table is for you if...


You're left wondering why you seemingly gained weight overnight


You intuitively know there's a hormonal component to weight but don't know exactly what that entails

You are over dieting and wondering if it is possible to experience deep wellness without having to pull out your abacus [or obsessively avoid the things you love]

here is what to expect

running man icon

3 full months dedicated to helping you speak the language of your body

  • each quarter focused on a different facet

recipe card icon

chef-designed original recipes 

  • tailored to simplicity + families + quarterly protocol

  • short cuts outlined without sacrificing quality

clipboard icon

decisions made for you

  • by me - your lifestyle architect

  • your day - designed from dawn to dusk

Bubble icon

a community of women

  • women who are on this wellness journey with you

  • plan on feeling seen and heard daily

coffee mug icon

weekly LIVE calls

  • meaningful connection + accountability

  • time to troubleshoot + refine your daily habits

magnifying glass icon

daily oversight by ellie, RDN + MSN

  • personalized answers + oversight

  • priceless

The Table is a nourished membership where women come back to life from cell to soul.  
The Table has been carefully crafted to serve women daily doses of clarity and confidence around topics that often breed guilt // shame // stagnation.   


The Table is a membership devoted to getting you “unstuck” in every facet of your wellness.



Whether you are new to Simply Nourished, or have been through my foundational program and maybe even worked with me in 1:1 mentorship, the Table embellishes your wellness journey by meeting you where you are at in the comfort of your home, joined by a community of other women seeking the exact same direction // transformation. It’s when you feel seen and heard that you experience transformation from cell to soul nourishment.

the table: year at a glance

Just as a balanced and sturdy table has 4 legs, this Table has 4 “pillars” devoted to the topics I know to be most foundational for balanced wellness. Each quarter is devoted to the topics as shown below:




the sustainable roadmap back to your skinny jeans unlocking metabolic flexibility the roadmap back to your skinny jeans starts by experiencing metabolic flexibility [switching from using sugar to fat as fuel] through using specific foods, patterns and timing to clear the lines of communication - enabling your body to use fuel instead of store it




the rehabilitation of vibrant energy + sound sleep unlocking vitality with metabolic flexibility comes energy and Q2 capitalizes on the groundwork of Q1 by tapping into the essence of true adrenal rehabilitation; together we will teach your body to reset cortisol levels ensuring consistent energy production and deep stress reduction




the deep recalibration of your superpowers: your hormones unlocking magic. once cortisol is reset in Q2, we create momentum by looking at the other hormones secreted by the adrenals: the sex hormones. together we will recalibrate and optimize the output of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone; say goodbye to PMS, hot flashes, night sweats and the spare tire




the nurtured healing of your gut: the cauldron of wellness unlocking longevity we arrive at the grand finale, the central cog of the body: digestion. together we renew and rebuild digestion to optimize our capacity to extract nutrients from food, detoxify excess and of course experience protection against immune invasion


nourishing praise

You are amazing, Ellie! I love your positivity, forgiveness mentality and encouraging ways!! I will work on being more patient. Meanwhile, I will also employ my new favorite quote that I learned from an AMR podcast guest. “Abandon the idea of what it should look like and trust the process. Don’t do it alone!” Thanks for showing me a new process and holding my hand through it. I realize that this looks different for everyone so I will trust the process!”

explore the uncharted territory of 2023 you [thriving and well]

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