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uh-oh, where did my waistline go?

welcome, beauty.

I'm sitting here in perma-smile mode from our time together during this call.


Together, we opened up a pivotal conversation about one of our body's vital signs: weight retention.


If you timidly pulled up a chair in the beginning and then felt this empowered boost of confidence by the end, I did my job.


By carving out the time to show up on the call [or tune into the recording later], you had to say "no" to something and your presence is a big resounding "YES" to that gorgeous body of yours.


This topic of weight retention is only one [albeit sometimes very obvious] facet of the bigger hormonal picture.


It's a litmus test for hormonal equilibrium. And no, retaining weight is not a normal sign of aging.


If hormones have always been a point of confusion or frustration to you, the next session of The Table is designed for you.

Together we are going to explore what these blinking lights

on your body's "dashboard" mean:​

  • breast tenderness

  • mid-section puff [with no purpose]

  • irritability // mood swings // cyclical anxiety

  • painful cramping

  • anxiety // depression

  • heavy cycles

  • acne

  • thinning hair

  • 2 am wake up call

  • hot flashes // night sweats

  • achy joints

  • brain fog

Because no... these issues are not just "naturally" woven into the tapestry of aging.

Join The Table and say yes to hormone balance [and NO to another year of deep confusion].


1 payment of $399

Just looking to experience a single quarter of The Table? This plan is for you!


You have the option to extend your membership too.

pick the subscription that is right for you


1 payment of $899

Our most popular option!


By joining The Table for the full year in one single payment, you will receive a gift from the Simply Nourished team to kick-start your journey to transformative wellness.


12 payments of $79*

Choose this pampered payment plan for the full year and receive a year of access to all The Table has to offer!

*the monthly subscription commits you to a year of nurtured care and community - if you opt to cancel before your year is complete you will be subject to a cancellation fee

The membership is application based to ensure the women who join are accompanied by like-minded souls.

You can choose to invest in your health journey in any of the four ways below. Select which plan works best for you!

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