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Hi, I'm Ellie

As founder of Simply Nourished - a community of women dedicated to unlocking their deep magic, I am a Functional Medicine Registered Dietitian. 

What does this mean? 


Like everyone, I’m a beautiful potpourri of many things: I'm a clinician, a graduate of higher education, a coach but I'm also a person on my own wellness journey walking beside you practicing what I teach you on the daily. 

The trailhead to my career in wellness was chlorine-infused waters of a swimming pool. I was a collegiate swimmer for University of Virginia and I found myself at the intersection of rigorous training and academics.  

I was persistently experiencing a battle between my head and my heart—I wanted clarity and contentment but my choices just weren’t getting me there. 

Irritability, debilitating fatigue, sugar cravings, and chronic stomach pain sideswiped my emotions. I found myself with acute inflammation and ultimately, a diagnosis of autoimmunity.

My practical side told me to push through the pain and just follow the rules. Each day I’d wake up with the best intentions to wipe the slate clean and do things “right,” but the more logical I became about my health crisis, the more confused I became. I tried every quick fix out there. 

Medication? Check.

Caffeine? Check.

Symptom suppression? Check. 

I finally submitted to what my incoming clients describe to be... "utterly stuck", nothing I was doing was working. 

It was a functionally trained doctor who finally clued me in: my symptoms were my body’s love language crying to me for survival. Given the chance, it would respond and heal.

I learned a new way of living from the patience and persistence this doctor gifted me. The experience was so transformative that I went on to study for my own degree. Now, I teach what I learned. I teach what I wish I had known when I was in survival mode.

I’ve spent a decade designing, tweaking, and refining my knowledge, strategies, and protocols to help others interpret their bodies, track down their toxic offenders, and come alive.

I can tell you from experience, you have so much to gain from your journey. As we together use the symptoms your body is giving us as intelligent clues; information and wisdom, we'll be led to the source of the stagnation, pain and dis-ease. 

During our time together, you’ll be reminded of one of the most simple, most basic things about our bodies: food is our most potent medicine and our best recipe for preventative healthcare. And just as wonderfully, you’ll rediscover the power of food to build community, connect us to our cultures, and nourish every aspect of our bodies, from cell to soul.


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