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chasing whimsy [& capturing summer wellness]

Bare feet, watermelon, Rosé, picnics … sound familiar? It’s summer! And with summer comes joy, playfulness and freedom. Just as a child celebrates each day of summer vacation, it’s time we too become more present and attuned to the warmth + whimsy of this juicy season.

Transitioning gracefully from spring [a time of renewal + cleansing] to summer [a time of chasing whimsy + color] starts on the homefront by weaving whimsy and color into your day-to-day. It will feel frivolous at first, but before you know it you’ll be choosing pleasure as principle to your life – noting that it leads [paradoxically] to more efficiency and a happier journey toward your goals.

You’ll soon be enjoying walks in the morning air, yoga outdoors, sunset soirées and whimsical, color-filled moments that make the summer feel… just as you remember it.




As we enter into the summer season, pleasure comes to the forefront of our longings. On a deep biochemical level, pleasure triggers the release of oxytocin, a powerful hormonal catalyst for radiance, positivity and wellbeing. The irony of pleasure is that we can’t count on any one thing to fulfill this desire. Instead it starts from within and the question we must all ask is whether our longing to be truly happy and whimsical is strong enough to regularly draw us away from our all-consuming jobs, overflowing inboxes and distracting screens to engage in the things that allow us to live in the present moment. Only true commitment to finding presence and pleasure from within breeds innocent [and intoxicating] joy.

Consider trying one or more of the following to chase whimsy and ignite pleasure:

  • picnic in the park

    • pack a lunch and make a point to stand, sit or lay down in the grass for at least 30 minutes during your picnic [see THIS study on why]

  • play joyful summer music while crafting, sketching, painting, or doing something creative

    • music evokes creativity + joy, stimulating our left brain [the artsy side]! Plan some unstructured time to create a release for your inner Van Gogh

  • turn your gaze upward

    • count the stars, go for a moonlit walk, watch the sunset // sunrise, look at the clouds, watch the birds… turning our gaze upward shifts our perspective toward the bigger picture

  • get naked

    • summer invites us into a space of comfortable exposure and it’s high time we take her up on the generous offer by jumping into the lake [or a fresh set of clean sheets] bare naked. Exhilaration abounds!

  • develop a whimsical [al fresco] summer movement menu

    • kickball in the park, sunrise yoga, bike rides to the farmer’s market, outdoor bootcamps, flashlight tag, dancing at an outdoor concert … switch up your workout routine to include outdoor movement that is freeing + FUN




Summer is bursting with color + beauty. During this season, I encourage you to feast your eyes [and your senses] on a rainbow of colors and flavors to bring the colors of the outdoor world IN.

Consider celebrating the colors of the season by trying one or more of the following:

  • indulge in 5 or more colors each day

    • aim to eat a rainbow of colors, noting that each color signifies unique antioxidant properties of a fruit or vegetable. If that bright red [and oh so tender] tomato is calling to you from across the market, make sure to add it to your colorful cache of food for the week!

  • paint your nails a brighter color than you feel comfortable with [bright green, anyone?]

    • give your nails a POP of color to invoke a feeling of joy + exhilaration when you look at them

  • stop to pick some wildflowers

    • arranging a wildflower bouquet with an assortment of colors not only brightens up your home, it brightens up your SOUL

  • go raw!

    • the heat of summer calls for the rehydrating, cooling qualities of raw food. It just so happens that many of the foods that lend themselves to being eaten raw are in season in the summer. Tap into the healing power of live food on a hot day and you’ll find maybe you just aren’t as hot nor fall prey to lethargy as easily!


I’m feeling all the sexy fun playfulness and feeling inspired myself as I put the polishing touches on these ideas for you.

What is inspiring you the most?

Go on out there and allow yourself to indulge in the spontaneous nudges to be more whimsical, joyful and abundant. ‘Tis the season!



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