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[hormone balance] anxiety

While anxiety runs rampant in the pace and push of our modern day, menopause seemingly cranks up the anxiety dial one too many notches.

Accompanied by physical symptoms such as hot flashes and insomnia and pow, you’ve got a double whammy right there.

High or low fluctuating estrogen coupled with low progesterone affects your serotonin levels which is part of the equation but don’t let that feel overwhelming [or out of your control]

There. Is. So. Much. You. Can. Do!

First, get your hormones tested. Don’t you dare be a martyr.

Seek professional and functional support so that you can see exactly what is going on deep within your biochemistry. When you do, be sure to check your progesterone levels.

If indeed low, discuss repletion with your functional practitioner. Why? Oh, only because progesterone supports GABA [the calming neurotransmitter] beautifully and if you are indeed low in progesterone, your body will lap up every single drop.

Next, bring in some naturally calming internal support including, passionflower tincture, magnesium lotion [or encapsulated magnesium glycinate], and perhaps sip on the adaptogenic tea [Tulsi: Holy Basil].

Then, couple the internal love with some external TLC

go for a tech free morning walk eat protein you love [consistently] use a weighted blanket do a 10 min calming meditation ground yourself by standing in the grass barefoot journal your greatness and your gratitude invest in a massage or acupuncture to keep your nervous system in check

Remember this!

Every single time you eat and exercise and indulge in self-care, you are making a short term investment in how you feel, a medium term investment in how you look and a long term investment in how you age.

These investments added up to unleash your inner goddess, quelling the anxiety storms at the source.

I fundamentally believe with every cell in my body that we are designed to experience grace, ease and joy in our bodies.

I’ve dedicated my time, energy and education to learning and teaching how to harness the power of hormones to heal.

Consider joining me as I lead hundreds of women who trustingly believe the same. We sit around a virtual Table and over the next 3 months, we will explore what it looks like to unleash your gifts, develop a relationship with the most important person in your life again [you!] and ditch all punitive measures to superficially mask anxiety, aches, pains and what some believe to be “normal aging.”

Intuitively, you know it can be true. You just need to experience it to believe it.



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