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[hormone balance] chin hair

If you’ve noticed you’re growing more chin hairs as you age, you are not alone!

Those annoying, thick hairs that you notice at the most inopportune moments?

Um. Yeah. So annoying!

Your fine, soft, skin colored hair is called a Vellus hair.

The amount of vellus hair you have is based on your ethnicity, genetics and in some cases cortisol [more cortisol may increase peach fuzz but we’re not talking about peach fuzz, we’re talking black chin hairs].

Peach fuzz hairs can turn into those darker thicker hairs known as terminal hairs and those little black boogers are indicative of androgen hormone imbalance which entails testosterone converting into a more powerful form of itself called DHT

While teen boys love these dark thick chin hairs [sign of manhood?] let’s kick them to the curb so that they no longer plague your chin shall we?

We will target decreasing the conversion of testosterone to its more powerful form DHT.

Here’s how:

1. Weave green tea into your daily routine. Green tea has a compound called epigallocatechin-3-gallate [fondly known as EGCG – phew!] that helps tremendously with your testosterone metabolization pathways preventing hair loss but also preventing the overt production of DHT. Don’t love green tea?

2. Try nettle tea. Nettles also have nutrients [namely high levels of zinc] that are also highly conducive to this testosterone metabolization support.

3. And finally, Reishi mushrooms are the third “chin hair be gone” antidote in the trio. Reishi down regulates the overt production of testosterone to begin with which can be helpful to treat this at the source. We love testosterone but if produced in quantities unnecessary out of a stress response, Reishi will be your new BFF. I love to drink reishi in the form of an iced or hot cocoa. Yum!.

Ok ok, I can tell you’re absolutely lapping up these drink ideas but also the geeky science talk. Turns out, registration is now open for my online membership: The Table.

We will spend the next 3 months exploring how to optimize testosterone [estrogen and progesterone] levels to kick those naughty black chin hairs to the curb but also to strike hormone balance across the board- unlocking your sanity.

You’re ready. The time is now to commit to your hormone balance sanity.


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