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[hormone balance] heavy periods

What happened to the days of the three day // oh so light // oh so manageable periods?

Whether your period has gradually gotten heavier or maybe it seemingly became a monster overnight, it’s wise to address this symptom of estrogen’s dominance over progesterone.

But first…

Some geeky background : you make the hormone progesterone after ovulation. So, no ovulation? No progesterone.

Progesterone does many things but one of it’s main roles is to counterbalance estrogen.

Estrogen helps to grow the lining of your uterus while progesterone helps to keep this growth in check.

But, if you have little to no progesterone month after month, the lining grows THICK, then when your cycle starts, you see the thickness “on the other side.”

If your periods have become longer and/or much heavier, it’s time to get your hormones checked to see where progesterone is in relationship to estrogen.

Ensuring you have enough progesterone by either using herbal support or progesterone replacement will help balance things out tremendously.

Then it’s time to help your body metabolize estrogen efficiently through the use of: increased fiber intake [making sure you’re getting more than 40g / d] increasing sulfur intake [hello broccoli!] increase omega 3 intake consider supplementing with magnesium to support the metabolization of estrogen

The punchline is this: it IS possible to transform periods from ghastly to gorgeous. It IS possible to look forward to instead of dread your period month after month.

I’ll teach you how as I’m dedicating the next 3 months of my life to handing you the roadmap to strike balance between estrogen and progesterone.


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