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[hormone balance] incessant insomnia

It’s 3 am and all you can think about is your task list that seemingly grows by the second – as you maybe recycle a few items in your bout of frustrated fatigue.

Why… oh WHY are you plagued by intermittent insomnia?

And how come it is seemingly intertwined with the other symptoms of pms and / or perimenopause?

Turns out, hormone swings affect your neurotransmitters like GABA or serotonin.

Melatonin also declines with age and is affected by high estrogen, cortisol and inflammation.

Plus, whether it’s PMS you’re feeling or perimenopause, both leave you prey to more intense cravings for evening indulgences like alcohol or sugar.

So, sorry love but the first step is to ditch the alcohol in the evening. This in and of itself is going to be a game changer for you.

Then go one step further and limit sugar and caffeine throughout the day. Oscillating cortisol and blood sugar levels wreak havoc on sleep. . Need some extra sedation? [Don’t we all?]

Rotate calming support like tulsi [holy basil] tea during the day and passionflower at night.

Passionflower is nature’s xanax without the side effects.

And finally talk to your practitioner about your levels of progesterone [both testing and dosing]. Low progesterone levels in relation to estrogen will keep you up for DAYZZZ.

I’m so emphatic about you sleeping well that I’ve created a membership filled to the brim with women like you, on a mission to sleep and thrive.

Whether it’s insomnia or maybe just straight up feeling like you’re going through an internal “software upgrade” and you’re not loving the new you as you make hormonal shifts each month [or each year], consider allowing me to step into your life and teach you how to make your hormones work for you and not against you anymore.

Hormones can either turn you into a gremlin or a goddess and I’m committed to your goddess status.


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