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[hormone balance] thinning hair

You used to have a head of thick lustrous locks requiring one maybe two hair ties. And now? You’ve downgraded to the spindly little thin hair tie to capture wisps of what was.

Or maybe… you had thin hair to begin with and it’s getting well… more so.

Do not fret. There IS a hormonal component to this worth exploring. And here is what you need to look into first: low estrogen, low thyroid, high testosterone, low iron, high cortisol and autoimmune Alopecia are all common causes.

Thinning hair is but a superficial manifestation of deeper imbalances that you absolutely have the capacity to correct. You are not just “getting older.” I promise.

So, first get your buns over to the lab to get a full thyroid panel plus run your iron markers in your blood.

Next, test your estrogen [particularly estradiol] because low levels are associated with hair loss [think thick full hair while pregnant, then hair loss post delivery]!

And finally stress [spurring subsequently high cortisol levels] are known to greatly disrupt the hair growth cycle and in some cases, stop it. So consider choosing daily stress reduction rituals that you adhere to with commitment.

Investing time into decreasing cortisol [and supporting adrenals] while also repleting thyroid and iron are worth your time. Not only will you see that beautiful head of hair, but other aspects of hormone balance will click back into gear.

The “resting phase” of hair growth lasts about 3 months. So don’t be discouraged if your efforts don’t pay off overnight.

Oh wait! And just because I can’t help myself, DO read labels. Shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, gels, foams, powders… etc. are full of chemicals that might react with your hair follicles! Consider switching to a healthier product. Look at the EWG Skin Deep database for some direction or just ask! I have a few ideas up my sleeve I’d be happy to share with you if you’re interested.

While it may feel at times like sneaky gremlins are playing tricks with your hormones [or maybe eating them for lunch!], it is fully within your reach to reclaim your goddess status merely by taking a look at all the symptoms you are feeling [and seeing] of deeper hormone imbalance. Chances are, they are all pointing to the same root cause that can be addressed so gently and sustainably with food, herbs and lifestyle design.

Reclaim your luscious locks, sanity and vitality by focusing on the recalibration of your hormonal symphony not by spending more on a fancier hair product ok?

If this feels overwhelming, consider joining me for the next 3 months in my online membership The Table.

I’ll walk beside you teaching you how hormones fluctuate throughout our lives and what to do about the symptoms that all seem to corroborate one another pointing to a deeper imbalance that can be addressed functionally and nutritionally.


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