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slowing down – it changed my life

I’m going to be honest with you. I’m a speed addict.

In fact the first 20 years of my life were bent on SPEED.

As a competitive athlete, my sense of VALUE was wrapped around speed.

And when my body finally told me that it could no longer compensate, I was FORCED to slow down.

I was forced to REST.

And I was forced to heal.

I vividly remember that year of my life. Because for once I was on the same team as my body.

I started tuning IN instead of tuning OUT.

And then beautiful things began to happen… it’s as though cogs clicked into place. Not overnight mind you. But they clicked into place more solidly than I could have imagined had I rushed the process.

Now as a mentor to precious and gorgeous women around the country who are forced to slow down, my advice is this: pain, while uncomfortable is one of our body’s most powerful tools to force us to pay attention. It’s like a crying baby telling you something. Tune in. Don’t numb. Lean in. Don’t run.

It’s worth it. I promise. Because on the other side is a form of healing that would never otherwise happen and it typically starts on a soul level.

How can you slow down to let your body heal? You can do it. Because you ARE worth it.

– Ellie


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