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soul sunday: a reframe on failure

In every human's journey, the law of requisite variety plays a role in the navigation of uncharted territory. Formulated by W. Ross Ashby, the law states that in order to make progress, you must have at least as many problems as there are solutions. 

With this foundational principle guiding our experience, failure becomes the secret to mastery.

In other words, failure hands you the critical compass you've been looking for to get to where you are destined to go next. 

In failing, you realize which of the heavy burdens to let go of. 

And through failure, you explore the edges of your heart and the depths of your soul. 

We are all innately equipped with a quiver full of "failure arrows" and a success bullseye is impossible without taking your shots. 

When interpreted this way, failure no longer lingers as the formidable antagonist. It steps in as the ally

And when you co-create life embracing failure as your feedback, you tap into a dimension of expansion bigger than you could dutifully architect on your own. 

As I look back on the myriad of perceived failures on my own journey, I know that every single one was divinely re-orienting my compass towards plans much bigger than a success-only lens could ever deliver. 


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