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soul sunday: energetic alignment

It turns out there is a current of life force driving everything we do.

It's called E N E R G Y.

reclaiming energetic alignment

While it is tempting to take all the adaptogens and drink all the caffeine, energy is not mechanically or forcefully generated. 

Instead, energy is a manifestation of the organic electric charge we experience when our deepest knowing cross paths with our current landscape [both internal and external].

Energy can envelop us with intuitive purpose and unlimited capacity. Or we can ignore it completely making our way through our days with logic alone.

But because energy connects all living beings to one another like a web of contagious vitality and kinetic draw beyond rational comprehension, it is worth tuning into the signal moment to moment.

Here's why: you reclaim your pulse on what is aligned with you when you follow your upticks and downticks in energy.

When you feel the energetic needle jump, you might just relax enough to receive what is truly meant for you. Follow that energetic tug and magic just might slip right through the crack of your intuition right into your conscious lap.

Alternatively, when you feel a downtick in energy -that fearful state of "should I's" and "have to's" – this either means you have pushed too hard or used your brain not your body to take the next step.

So the art of being a human is the tune into that energetics signal. Let it command your attention because not only is it a harmonic tuning fork calibrating your mind to your soul, spirit, and intuition. But it is also your conduit to connecting yourself with all other living beings.

The call of the integrated human is to follow the upticks in energy. Because where there is energy - there is alignment dusted with magic! 


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