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take a peek at your poo

While most would have considered talking about stool TMI, I’m so grateful for Oprah as she popularized it when she hosted Dr. Oz in her episode called “Everyone Poops.”

So, now we’ve got the green light to talk about it now. Am I right?

Simply noticing trends in consistency and timing of your bowel movements is a great place to start. But going one step further to notice shape or irregularities [i.e undigested food] will tell you even more.

The state of your gut reflects the state of your brain [and often impacts your waistline too], so taking strides to take very good care of it makes you a very wise and proactive steward.

Before we go into the WHAT to do, my challenge to you is this: simply take a peek this week.

Then, use the Bristol Stool Chart below as your reference to determine where you land in normalcy.

Ideally the goal is 1-3 bowel movements a day in the range of 4-5 [on the Bristol Stool Chart].

Not there?

Well I’m proud of you for noticing instead of normalizing.

There is so much you can do whether you’re coming from a 1 [rabbit like] or a 7 [smoothie like].

Do not despair.

Stay tuned on my instagram feed as I’ll be continuing to spoon feed some gut renewal tips to you so that as you continue to stay watchful you’ll know what to do to optimize your poo.

To your perfect poo,



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