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time to love your liver

Spring is in the air and according to any nutrition magazine or health journal you read, ‘Tis the season to cleanse!

Before you jump on any “strict cleansing diet bandwagon”, I want to simplify your life and give you 3 of my favorite cleansing tools that don’t necessitate any fasting or deprivation.

Instead, these 3 tools are different categories of FOOD that happen to be brimming with life, flavor and energy (especially this time of year). Most importantly, I am going to explain what cleansing the body actually entails and why the liver deserves a little bit of love!

If you have friends who you think might be relieved to know that it really is this simple, please watch this video and share it with them. No need for willpower this time of year. I say INDULGE in the top cleansing foods of the season!


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