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skin care rituals

Rituals. By definition they are ceremonious acts, done precisely and methodically with love and devotion. While often used to describe religious or spiritual practices, I argue that a skincare routine should be approached with a ritualistic devotion. By elevating this potentially mundane daily task to a moment of spa-like serenity I promise that both your skin and your soul will repay you. Instead of quickly dousing some water on your face and smearing on lotion, use these 5 minutes to pamper yourself in the quiet of the bathroom (preferably alone) and give yourself some much needed YOU time!

Below are some of my skin care rituals that keep my skin healthy and vibrant looking while giving me a few moments of peaceful self-care.




Exfoliating your skin will help remove the buildup of dead skin cells, leaving younger, more vibrant and glowing skin showing. Some exfoliators can be harsh and only should be used a few times a week, while others are gentle enough for daily use. I love using my Clarisonic, daily, for light exfoliation. It has a one minute timer on it so I know I’m getting a full 60 seconds of gentle exfoliation while I close my eyes and let this little scrubber do its magic.




The idea of facial massage was new to me, until about a year ago when I discovered a nifty little tool called the gua sha. Made of jade or rose quartz, this little hand held tool can be used on the face to gently scrape and massage the skin and underlying muscles. It boosts circulation and lymph drainage and is great for massaging product into the skin. Alternately a jade roller can provide similar benefits.




Facial serums may seem like another unnecessary step to a skin care routine, but I argue they are the “do not skip” step! Chock full of nutrients to combat all your skin woes, serums can supercharge your moisturizer, sometimes even taking its place. I love ultra moisturizing serums and usually mix a few drops right into my moisturizer, taking a few moments to massage into my skin with my gua sha! It’s like a mini facial every day!




Another step often skipped when we are strapped for time [but oh are you missing out]! Take just 10 seconds to pat a luxurious eye cream into the delicate skin around the eyes which helps plump the skin; minimizing the appearance of crows feet while helping to de-puff those undereye bags. The tiniest of dabs is all you need and gently pat the cream into the area around the eyes. I swear the 10 seconds it takes is well worth the effort for looking bright eyed and bushy tailed!




Of course no skin care routine can be complete without nourishing your body with key nutrients to help you glow from the inside out. While vitamin C, zinc and healthy fats from nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil and fish are all skin care super foods, collagen is my go to for the ultimate skin nourishment. I love putting a scoop of collagen peptides in my afternoon tea and savoring a few moments of a quiet break from a busy day.




Just like good nutrition, keeping yourself hydrated is a must for glowing skin. Instead of sipping on boring water, add some flare. Drink sparkling water with lemon slices or muddled berries to boost the vitamin C content. Green tea is also full of skin boosting anti-oxidants and can be another great hydrating choice.

Find those five extra minutes at night to take some time and focus on YOU! I promise you won’t regret it!

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