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tempted by goals? indulge in good habits

Raise your hand if you love goals. Oh girl, you are not alone.

Seemingly, no amount of blind grit can overcome what they eventually become. Because January tends to be the "month of goals" [especially in the world of wellness], I am busting into your life to proclaim, there is another way to approach your powerful potential in a way that's life-giving, gentle, and human-centered.

Here's what I've learned...

good habits and lofty goals

Am I forgoing goals altogether? Heck no. I am however, nudging you to escape the cult of rigidity and join me in the trusty tribe of the tiny habit.

The "tiny habit" [originally coined by THE Behavior Architect BJ Fogg himself] has completely changed the way I orchestrate my life and is now what I focus on most in the clients seeking transformative change.

Do we sketch out goals? Of course. But I like to rename them milestones because good habits are the vehicle to them and past them. The milestones and the habit intermingle harmoniously as long as all forecasted milestones are predicated on nourishing behaviors buoyed by a deep sense of trust in oneself. I often see goals gone wrong when they steal away our sense of self efficacy and become shackles of shame. So as you approach the New Year, my encouragement is this: simply review your goals, transform them into milestones, and see if you can sketch out a path to and past them by paving a path toward them with compassionate tiny habits bathed in celebratory ease.

Perhaps eating 10 cups of vegetables and working out for 1 hour a day metamorphoses into enjoying 1 new plant a day and walking for 2 minutes after dinner. Allowing these small repeatable habits to stack upon themselves catalyzes true change. Watch out world, when you approach change from this science-driven human-centered stance, you're about to become unstoppable. Why? because the script you follow has the capacity to completely change the outcome.

As you prepare to tip-toe your way into 2024, I dare you to break your own rules, forgo the temptation of setting 10,000 goals [or even 1 really massive goal], and indulge in the sweet simplicity of habits that breathe life back into that gorgeous body of yours.


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