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3 fall rituals extracting the essential

Can you smell it? The crisp air of autumn has arrived.

Colorful leaves, brisk weather and fresh beginnings [school, sports, programs and more] characterize the fall as a true season of transformation.

Not only do our kitchens take on the aromas of warming spices + apple cider + roasted root vegetables but our hearts begin longing for new rituals + routines with the change in the season.

It’s natural to crave a more grounding routine as we lean into root vegetables and aim to optimize digestion before the winter months. Trust these natural instincts as you transition gracefully from summer to fall with the following practices.

harness the power of the morning Autumn is a time when we find ourselves committing to more than we can [usually] handle as we try to squeeze out as much of the last drops of golden sunlight + dinners al fresco before the winter sets in.

Feeling stretched isn’t going anywhere; the “cult of busy” is here to stay. But carving out time to define what you are willing to commit your time to starts with your morning routine. Lean into the things that ground you so that you can be fully present throughout the day- right where you are.

Start by capitalizing on the contemplation + reflection that naturally comes with fall by setting aside 10-15 minutes of quiet time in the morning before the day starts. During this time, keep your tech tucked away to minimize distractions and allow you to think clearly as you engage in one [or more] of the following:

  • meditate or sit in silence

  • take a walk outside in the morning glow

  • make a list of everything you are grateful for [simple is best!]

  • listen to calming music while sipping your favorite warm bevvie

  • reflect on how you are feeling, what you are wanting more of and what you would like to let go of

  • create an intention for the day

  • write a kind note to a spouse, child, or friend

While it’s only 10-15 min, this time sets the tone for the day.

prioritize root vegetables

Roots of all shapes and sizes offer not only a slow complex starch but also the grounding qualities your body needs most this season. Tap into your body’s natural desire to consume these foods [your inner root wisdom] by prioritizing the following root vegetables in the majority of your meals this season:

  • beets

  • celery root

  • parsnips

  • potatoes [of all varieties]

  • rutabaga

  • squashes [of all varieties]

  • turnips

  • yucca

Easily [and quickly] weave these into meals by roasting, sautéing OR boiling them and adding to soups, salads, or enjoying them as a delightful side dish to any meal.

optimize digestion

Our immune system, cognitive function and inflammation are all highly dependent on optimal digestion, which thrives on consistency and routine. Optimize your digestion to prepare your body for resilience in the winter months ahead by practicing one [or more] of the following tips:

  • chew your food + don’t rush meals

    • let your salivary enzymes and your teeth prepare food for optimal digestion + absorption in the gut

    • slow down during meal times to flip on the switch of digestive enzyme production and encourage optimal nutrient absorption let your salivary enzymes and your teeth prepare food for optimal digestion + absorption in the gut

  • eat dirt

    • dirt contains hundreds upon thousands of good bacteria strains

    • embrace good bacteria by letting your beautiful organic vegetables be a little dirty, doing some gardening in the dirt with bare hands [yes your skin absorbs probiotics too!] or by simply indulging in a liquid form of good dirt that’s super “clean” [what an oxymoron] like THIS one!

  • take bitters before meals

    • one of the most efficient ways to restore digestive function is to kickstart digestive enzyme production

    • bitters — as the name implies — are an infusion created from predominantly bitter ingredients including herbs, roots, bark, fruit, seeds, or flowers

    • by including 8-10 drops of a bitter tincture in your water [or on your tongue] 30 minutes before meals [and up to 30 minutes after], you kickstart digestive enzyme production, enhance nutrient absorption and decrease digestive distress after rich or abundant food consumption.

    • DRAM bitters and Urban Moonshine are some of my favorite brands


Disclaimer re: digestion: these tips on digestion are only scratching the surface on true optimization of nutrient absorption + gut harmony. If you are interested in learning more and healing your gut, join us for Q4 of The Table, my online membership program, where I take a deep dive into all issues pertaining to digestion! Registration for Q4 is open NOW and our time together begins October 24


As you prepare to dive into the fall season, remember that settling into new rituals + routines does not happen overnight.

Kaizen, a Japanese philosophy, states that continuous instrumental change adds up to substantial transformation over time.

Choose to implement one new ritual as you head into the autumn and practice it consistently. Eventually, it will become second nature and you will be ready to take on something new.

Take that to heart as you truly enjoy the metamorphosis that comes with fall!


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