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Simply Nourished favorite things: November

With the smell of fall in the air, here are a few of my favorite things prepping me for the season ahead.

Mostly, these are catalysts to help me capture joy in the structure of my daily habits. When I treat myself to simple things that make me feel special throughout the day, I feel like I'm elevating the "art" of living. And to that effect I feel so proud.

Take a peek and remember that you too are incredibly special and while it doesn't have to be something material to make you feel as such, don't forget to weave special things into your life daily that elevate your habits to reflect who you are and what you believe in most.


Favorite Things :

Rishi ceremonial matcha

Simply Nourished favorite things

Welp! Turns out my addictive personality has found it's new thing. Matcha has me wrapped around it's adorable little finger. Of course my clinical brain gives my new found best friend a stamp of approval based on antioxidant status alone. But then you pair it with the calming nootropic L-theanine and you've got a match[a] made in heaven. Here's my secret [not so secret] recipe: 1 cup nut milk of choice + 1 tsp matcha + 1/2 tsp sweetener of choice - blend and pour over ice. Prepare for this new bevvie to be your best friend.


Apothecary Co.

Simply Nourished favorite things

Speaking of best friends, I originally found out about this apothecary from a dear friend who gifted me one of their beautiful new moon bundles. Fast forward one year and I'm a connoisseur of their entire collection. Not only are they incredibly intentional about how they curate their products, they have a collection that makes gift giving an elevated experience.


Women's Bean Project

Simply Nourished favorite things

Speaking of companies on a mission to do incredible things, the women's bean project has my heart. They educate and empower women by providing employment all rooted in the packaging and distribution of bean products. If you are looking for an organization to love on, look no further. The Women's Bean Project is worth every minute and penny.


Cycle Tracking Journal

Simply Nourished favorite things

The very first thing I teach is the art of tuning into your gorgeous body. And when it comes to hormones, there can be so much to track. So I'm fully prepared to pamper you with this gorgeous cycle tracking chart. Not only does it stitch together some of the most important "blinking lights" on your body's "dashboard," it also enables you to see the patterns and trends at a glance. Choose 3 columns that matter most to you and jot down what you feel in each daily for a few cycles. You can't change what you don't track am I right?


Women, Food & Hormones

Simply Nourished favorite things

We just kicked off our final session of The Table for 2023 with a BANG. While it's too late to join this session, you can join the waitlist for the next session which begins on January 23, 2024. The topic? Making metabolic magic. NBD. Until then, dig deep into this book. It has gems of wisdom we will put to work in our time together.



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