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luminous skin - untangled

Skin breakouts define vulnerability. If only we didn’t have to wear our imbalances on our faces- am I right?

Why couldn’t they show up elsewhere like… well I’ll let you decide.

But for so many of us, breakouts persist well beyond puberty. Why?

Because if hormones like testosterone and estrogen predominate in abundance, we produce more sebum; so much more that our skin has trouble keeping up and thus the pores begin to become inflamed producing gnarly red protrusions.

Is there a magic pill? Nope.

But treatment starts with targeting [and if possible] testing testosterone and estrogen levels. If either are high, the herb saw palmetto is a game changer. It’s nature’s version of the Rx Spironolactone, optimizing metabolization of testosterone.

Nutritionally, focusing on adding [or removing] certain foods is also important. For instance, zinc plays a huge role in helping the skin cells turn over more quickly to keep up with the sebum production. It also plays a role in rebuilding collagen structure. So foods you will want to prioritize rich in zinc include pumpkin seeds, legumes and shellfish.

Kicking dairy to the curb for a hot second and then reintroducing it will also tell you with crystal clarity whether consuming dairy is exacerbating already high levels of estrogen. Your skin will break out pretty immediately after a 2-4 week hiatus.

And finally, topically, make sure to buy legitimately clean skin care products not simply products that say “green” with flowers on the packaging to fool you. [hint: cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is so helpful too]. You can check your skin care products on EWG's database skin deep.

Oh but there is so much more where this came from. over in my online membership the table online membership: The Table, we dissect tangled topics like this on the regular. And we always start at the root.

Whether it's skin or weight that just won't budge imbalanced hormones tend to be a mama root.

Over in The Table, we will spend the next 3 months exploring how to optimize testosterone [estrogen and progesterone] levels to clear up not only that gorgeous skin of yours but also strike hormone balance across the board- unlocking your sanity.

Can't wait to dig in to your skin by balancing out your hormones? Join me at The Table where we tackle hormonal issues at the ROOT.


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