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Simply Nourished favorite things: August

With summer in full swing it is such a treat to collect some of the things that have been bringing me joy, peace and sanity amidst the whimsical nature of less structure and more play.

While I don't have have any magic wands for simplifying the intricacies of #adulting, I can't help but share some of the little things that keep my stress "bugs" in check so that I can capture meaningful memories on the daily.

Ok, after a very long search, I think I finally found my hair product "tribe" [one with no chemicals and works - fancy that!]. Enter True Botanicals nourishing duo - I was so skeptical at first after being burned from straw textured hair a few too many times trying to go "clean." But I'm quickly becoming sold as my hair is just as soft and silky without the chemical residue - phew!


Holi shiitake mushrooms people! I found the ice cream of my dreams: Holi Scoops. Yes, I can taste fall in the air but it's still hot here calling for some afternoon ice cream action. Blended with mood-boosting adaptogens like Reishi and sweetened only with Simply Nourished-approved sweeteners, you will now find this cutie as a staple in my freezer. Turns out, Holi Scoops nailed their mission to nurture our need for indulgence without infringing on our wellness. I'm impressed! Use their location finder to locate a "scoop" near you.


As I stitch together my client's notes, especially when we focus on gut health, there is a staple that always makes an appearance in some way, shape, or form... cultured food. I will say the look I get when I first recommend it is not one of endearment until I explain how medicinal coconut water kefir is. Enter Inner Eco: the darling of cultured food. One sip per day is all you need.


Now that my bathing suit is my official "uniform" as I lounge by the pool, I am making the graceful transition into this infinity top that has a new season attached to it. I can literally wear it under a sweater, or sport it on its own up for a crisp fall walk! As the name suggests, there are infinite options. Oh and the lingerie from Eros? Also an Italian staple of mine.


The thyroid is the metronome of the body. It keeps the rhythm of your metabolism, circadian timing, digesting, heart function AND your gorgeous hormones in perfect time, so it's no wonder this tiny tutorial has made it to the top of my favorite things!

Tune in to learn how to care for your thyroid to ensure it is functioning optimally.



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