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soul sunday: routine

Routine: the word connotes ordinariness and lack of thought - auto pilot perhaps?

But a routine is a repetitive choice that can become a finely calibrated mechanism for leveraging time [our most limited resource], circumnavigating willpower, and amplifying optimism.

A solid routine creates a groove for one's mental energies, staving off the tyranny of decision fatigue.

And here's the powerful punchline: what you do on your routine-driven ordinary days determines what you can achieve on your extraordinary days.

What are the routines in your life that elevate your day? And what routines are perhaps missing that could catalyze space for expansive and extraordinary things?

Here's an inventory of my daily routines [not because you need them in your life too - but more so because they might just be a springboard to a few of yours!]

  1. a walk around the block after dinner

  2. meditating upon waking

  3. listening to a curated playlist while writing emails

  4. a mocktail at 6

The secret sauce? Peaceful simplicity. Remember, you're just curating space for the magic to percolate out of the mundane.





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